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auto creation of hyperlinks when posting plain text



When I paste in text to evernote which contains hyperlinks and email addresses, or even FQDN's, Evernote will automatically create links, and it's really irritating because I can't turn it off.  I'm using a Mac with macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 and Evernote 6.13.3.  I have all AutoCorrect turned off in Mac System Preferences.

Even copying into TextEdit, and then repasting out into evernote has the same behavior.

I'm trying to store scripts here which contain email addresses and hostnames and keep having to do right click > Link > Remove.


For example, just try pasting the following into evernote and you see the problem ( it even does it in this forum :( )

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This has been an annoyance for me for some time. There should be a preferences setting  to turn off this behavior, so you don't have to remove the hyperlink each time a link is auto created.

A related annoying behavior (this seemed to appear about the time that Evernote started using Google cloud servers) is when Google related links, e.g. Google drive or Google document links, are converted to a Google icon. Yes, you can right click and copy the URL, but I want to glance at the actual text for a link, not have to copy the link and go elsewhere and paste it into a text file. An example of a situation would be where I am creating a course or products and have a list of pages or locations for that task or project. I need to see the complete list of full URLs, not a bunch of icons where I have to go to the link location to. The conversion to icons slows me down considerably. There is also no option to right click and remove the link in this situation.


Please consider adding options for opting out of this as well.


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