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Expanding article selection


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The default selection for clipping an article starts at the top and stops somewhere below, sometimes not to the end. That often happens with forum discussions, only the first post is selected (example). The +- buttons expand the selection right/left, not down up. So, is there an existing solution, or should it be a feature request?

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 6.12.23 PM.png

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I'm always impressed that the clipper can recognize the article part of the page at all.  I think the accuracy depends on the coding on that page;  if it doesn't suit what I want from the clip I'll usually go back to selecting text and clipping selection,  or taking a partial screenshot.  You could also consider trying the simplified article selection,  or using the print function built into many pages to generate a PDF version of the page.  ('Print' copies of a page are usually much simpler than the full version.)

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You could certainly add a request,  but if Clipper can't auto-select the correct boundaries between article and page,  jumping further out or back isn't any more likely to find the correct edges of an item.  Manual selection is more accurate and probably involves less fiddling with +, +, +, +, -,   to get to the margins.

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