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Share a stack, not just a notebook?

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Hi.  No - I'm afraid Stacks are regarded as a local user's tool to organize his/ her own notebooks,  not a way to bundle notebooks together.  Once you've shared the notebooks it should be fairly simple for the recipient to gather them into one stack - or not,  as they prefer...

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53 minutes ago, RHM-NYC/DC said:

Is there a way to share a Stack with an individual rather than to have to share each notebook within the stack? 

As per @gazumped, you can't share at the Stack level.

You might take a look at the new Spaces feature

Spaces are a new, more efficient way of organizing your team’s information in Evernote Business. You can create a Space for a project, team, or topic; fill it with notes and notebooks; and share it with your team

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Well that's disappointing. I was hoping Evernote would be a useful tool for organizing things with my wife but this feature is only available if I pay 3x as much for a business account. I understand the need to monetize features but that's an extreme jump for what I imagine isn't an unusual use case. 

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