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I create a new note when I receive the agenda for a meeting.  I created an ink note for my notes during the meeting.  When I merged the two, I my handwritten notes are not visible & I cannot open the attachment to my ink note portion of the merged note.  The typed agenda is present & visible.  How do I see my hand written notes?

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I had never tried merging an Ink Note with a regular note but I was able to duplicate your problem just now.

The workaround I would suggest here is to create a Table of Contents Note with links to the two notes and use that as your Master Note to access the two notes quickly and have a connection between them.


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This problem was noted a few months ago:

But there's good news: another user did some further testing, and discovered that, while the ink note is no longer accessible in the Windows program, it does show up in the Web interface, and on Android. Might be worth a look.

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