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Inconsistency: Table controls cause different table margins across platforms



Minor issue here but I am seeing an issue whereby if you have a paragraph then a table below it, on the Mac client (Version 6.13.3 (455969 Direct) Editor: 1.30.3433 (fec246b)) you're not going to need any extra lines to space it out, due the way the new tables are designed, with controls:


That's my paragraph then the beginning  of my table below it.

Here is it is showing the controls when the table is selected:


Spacing stays the same.

That's great, but the problem is when viewed on the Android or Web clients there is no such space:


That's looking at the website.

I'm not bothered about the font differences, but the spacing inconsistency is a bit of a shame.

Interestingly, if we add a carriage return after the sentence, on the web or Android, this fixes it for those clients without making any visual change on the Mac (no extra unwanted empty line). However, the only way to fix this in the other direction is to indeed add another carriage return between the paragraph and the table (on the Mac) then things look correct on the other clients (just one empty line) but there's an unnecessary return on the Mac.

I propose that, if the controls have to be how they are on the Mac, then an equivalent top margin should be automatically applied to tables on other clients for consistency. I suppose ideally the controls, too! But in their absence, at least the margin.

The same issue doesn't really occur on other table edges.

I will also tweet this to @evernotehelps.

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