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36 minutes ago, Darin2 said:

why is it not there?

Not the highest priority.  This can be influenced by the number of user votes your request receives
Voting buttons are in the top left corner of the discussion      5a7ddd6dd7b33_ScreenShot2018-02-09at09_41_44.png.0107b11de085d21a6d1bc18d43e66182.png

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Just now, Darin2 said:

wow, I don't understand how you can live without this feature, I came from one note and the editor in evernote seems really behind and limited in capability.

I find Evernote's editor fine for basic notes
For serious work, I use a dedicated editor app.  Word/Pages for word processing, Excel/Numbers for spreadsheets, ...

I add the documents as attachments to the note.  Evernote works well with office/iwork documents

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I C when you add the documents are they searchable? I'd be interested in understanding how to do this. I will take one of the up coming web training I just came from onenote so still learning

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3 hours ago, Darin2 said:

I C when you add the documents are they searchable? 

Yes the documents are searchable (paid account feature)5a7e0ab055775_ScreenShot2018-02-09at12_53_10.png.f2a4e0d8bab9e5aec3f763280bc3b2b2.png

Depending on the platform, the documents are also displayed inline

>>I'd be interested in understanding how to do this.

There are various methods.  The simplest is to create the document, store as a file, then drag the file into a note 

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I would also love to have a format painter.

I tried OneNote once, but the syncing was just a horrible, and it was near impossible to find the correct application and login... OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, some other not OneDrive thing... WTF is my login... is this my AD for work, a microsoft account with a gmail address?!? confusion... No it was a microsoft account with my work email address, but that doesn't use my work AD password because it is part of an internal Microsoft AD... 🤦‍♂️ 

Evernote works across all my devices so seemlessly, there is a sync button, but I have never used it because the automatic syncing does it's job. I am always logged in, the account email address is shown at the top of the Windows app. Evernote has a good User Experience, even if some of those common features are missing. Most important is the organization, tags and folders, it is just enough options to stay organized and not so many options that my notes become a mess of organizational ideas and naming conventions that never took hold. 

If I could only use 1 device, then I would be a premium subscriber immediately.

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Its interesting that you had those issues with the sync, It can be figured out but it is a PITA that is exactly what drove me to Evernote. However if I could use OneNote I would as it has many other options and integration's with Office that I like. When I have to deal with tables I find Evernotes implementation to be clumsy at best. It surprised me how many people don't seem to be that interested in format painter, to me its a life saver and I would pay a premium for that feature alone. I get tired of always having to select everything then click remove formatting. Also, not sure if I'm doing something wrong but when I search I get all the notes with my search target in them however when I click on the note itself I have to scroll to find the highlighted content unless I do a ctrl-F and retype it. OneNote will go right to it and I thought for sometime Evernote was doing that too I may have messed up an other. Don't get me wrong I'm not bagging on Evernote I like the product every much it just seem like it would be easy to add these ease of use items, I do't expect it for free and I would be willing to pay. I keep hoping to see it someday.

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