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Copy Graphics and text from EN to Outlook


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I want to create a page in evernote with contact information and services I offer that includes logos. I want to layout the page so that I can copy the content I need and paste into outlook email and keep the formating.  Any thoughts? 

I have all contacts and do not need to send all as they would not be needed for a specific customer.  I can copy all and paste into email and then delete what I don't need but still have the formating issues. I would also like to do this when on the road. Copy from EN IOS and paste into Outlook IOS


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Maybe I am misunderstanding the problem, but does the email signature option in Outlook not satisfying this need? Do you have different information (services etc.) for different contacts you want to email?

If the formatting is becoming an issue when you copy paste from Evernote into Outlook email, I would create a Word document and create the information in there. Then move the Word file into Evernote. This way, you can find that Word document within Evernote easily and not rely on any cloud service but also when you copy paste from Word to Outlook, they would talk very nicely with the formatting.

IOS to Outlook IOS may work similarly although I have not tried that.

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Thanks for the reply TK0047. We offer many services and too many to put in my signature line. This is for a newly signed customer or an existing customer that I want to pick and choose the graphics and content for services. Good idea to put in Word so I will test this and see how difficult it can be on the iphone when traveling. A lot of my interaction is while on the road from my phone.


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