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(Archived) Syncing local notebooks (via dropbox maybe)



Hi all - Huge EN fan and user. I am wanting to dump a lot of more sensitive stuff like old bills, bank statements, etc., and I am not comfortable putting them in the cloud.

I do want to put them in EN.

Is there a way to sync a local notebook between two Mac's without use the online sync? Any ideas or recommendations.

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Putting info into Dropbox puts it into the cloud. All of your Dropbox files can be accessed from Dropbox.com

All syncing services that (I can think of) put your info into the cloud.

You could create a local notebook, and keep your computer backed up (with Time Machine or another method) - so long as Evernote's data folder is being backed up (~/Library/Application Support/Evernote), your data will be safe (or at least as safe as your backups).

Does that help at all?

EDIT: I should mention that creating a local notebook doesn't allow Evernote to OCR documents/images.

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Lougoose is right. I'm not Mac, so can't point you to any programs in particular. But you'd need a program that syncs between the two computers w/o a cloud (a Windows example is Syncback) or that stores the data encrypted on their servers. IME, the easiest way to keep sensitive data sync'd on multiple computers is old skool - just copy & paste the database file from one computer to another either via thumbdrive (you'd want to store the data in an encrypted container on the thumb drive) or have the computers on the same network & the drives shared & simply copy/paste the .database file from one drive to another (or an app that does basically the same thing - IE Syncback.) I do stuff like this often with not only Evernote (b/c I do have some local notebooks) and Quicken. (Because AFAIK, Quicken files are not very secure (even if you add a password) & if you keep your credit card numbers & stuff like that in Quicken, you don't want someone to get their hands on that info.)

Oh, and adding your EN database to your daily/weekly backup is always a good idea, too.

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I am not super concerns with OCR because it is just an archive for bills and stuff like that in which I want to have easier to find then just a bunch of files on my HDD.

Given that it probabably makes sense just to have it on one machine via local notebook and back up via time machine.

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