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Locking individual Notes



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On 2018-02-08 at 5:17 AM, RXT1885 said:

Have the ability to lock individual notes, e.g., a password-protected note. It's available in OneNote

Evernote only offers encryption (password) for specific text within a note.  
I also encrypt my sensitive data via encrypted attachments.

I'm curious how you feel password protected notes should be displayed in Evernote.

  • Title only?
  • Included/Excluded from text search?


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3 hours ago, RXT1885 said:

Thanks, but I misleadingly used the word "lock". I was primarily interested in password-protecting the note, a lock was secondary -- but it was a helpful post

Yeah, multiple threads in the forums re password protecting notes, hopefully they and their voting will be consolidated into one at some point.

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Password protecting individual notes is important to me and would be a VERY welcome feature. I work in a small office and Evernote contains a lot of important info for our team as well as my personal stuff. I'm not keen on creating a second separate account. Will Evernote listen? Or shall I just quit Evernote and start a Bear account?

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