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Locking individual Notes



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On 2018-02-08 at 5:17 AM, RXT1885 said:

Have the ability to lock individual notes, e.g., a password-protected note. It's available in OneNote

Evernote only offers encryption (password) for specific text within a note.  
I also encrypt my sensitive data via encrypted attachments.

I'm curious how you feel password protected notes should be displayed in Evernote.

  • Title only?
  • Included/Excluded from text search?


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3 hours ago, RXT1885 said:

Thanks, but I misleadingly used the word "lock". I was primarily interested in password-protecting the note, a lock was secondary -- but it was a helpful post

Yeah, multiple threads in the forums re password protecting notes, hopefully they and their voting will be consolidated into one at some point.

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Password protecting individual notes is important to me and would be a VERY welcome feature. I work in a small office and Evernote contains a lot of important info for our team as well as my personal stuff. I'm not keen on creating a second separate account. Will Evernote listen? Or shall I just quit Evernote and start a Bear account?

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This is also very important to me. You have business related notes and personal notes that you don't want displayed while at work. For example, you do a search for a business related keywords, and it also finds you personal notes in the search that are displayed while doing a screen share on Teams with co workers.

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A regular EN Account is meant for personal use. You can ask EN to change this - use the Feedback function of the clients to send your request.

Some remarks and possibilities with the current setup:

For Business use cases there is the EN Teams account. All members of the organization share the same account for business use, and get a discretionary Personal account for their individual use.

If you need to split information, you can always create a second account (can be a Free one, or another subscription). Place the information there that you don’t want to show up in the account you use for professional purposes.

To exclude parts of the information on searches you can use the arguments „-notebook:mynotebook“ or „-stack:mystack“. If you put all your personal information into a single notebook, or put all such notebooks into a specific stack they will not show when these search terms are added to a search. You can use a saved search to make it easier to apply.

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