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How to Revert to an Older Version; possible?

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I realize some of you like the new format, but I just can't get used to it.  I loved the visual aspect of the notebook icons in a grid.  I could use several different other options, but this feature drew me to Evernote.  I just feel so lost with the new version. I will have to move everything to Microsoft OneNote which I use as my day to day note taking, and Evernote for my projects, logs/journals, idea boards, travel research, etc. Thank you  (I am referring to both iMac and iPhone)

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Reverting to a previous version on the Mac is easy.  I do it whenever I encounter a bug or an unwanted feature change I can't work with

  • I remove Evernote from my machine; app, database, ...
    The app AppCleaner is recomended for this
  • I install the app, login, and the database is rebuilt from the servers
    Warning: the rebuild does not include Local Notebooks or unsync'd notes

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