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(Archived) Aligning business card photos



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What are you using to take images of the business cards? If you're using the "iSight Note" button, then the image quality is never really going to compare to a scanner or more specialized camera, but lighting and a steady hand can help a lot.

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Maybe I'm not explaining myself accurately enough-this is not about the quality of the picture (of the business card); it is about once I have it in the evernote system, the card(s) are vertical. When I try and use the function from the top menu to align the card to the right or left, that card remains vertical. How can I make the picture of the card horizontal so I don't have to look at it sideways and turn my head

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Try right-clicking the image, then choose open with->preview. Once it opens in preview you should be able to rotate the image. Exit preview and save your changes, and it should update in EN.



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