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Automatically add text in Web Clipper "Remarks" to easily edit clip



We all know that it is a struggle to modify a webpage sent to evernote using the clipper. Most pages begin with huge fonts and finding a way to enter a note above that, with text only and maybe a horizontal line to easily distinguish our notes from the clipped page is a struggle.  The beauty of Web Clipper is that it includes the "Remarks" box that allows us to do just that: anything typed in that box displays at the top of the clipped webpage, giving us a nice area to add our own notes - and it has the horizontal line to boot.

I often forget to include something in the remarks box, or I'm in  rush.  It would be great if I could set the clipper to always include something in that box, like "My Notes:" so that every page I clip has that editable area at the top that I could expand on when I have the time.  Come to think of it it would be great to also include something like that when we "share to Evernote" on our Android phones.


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