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PDF viewer - issue with links

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Windows 10.

The new PDF viewer is not so great :(

When I click a web link within a PDF the page appears within the note itself and ALL notes then display this web page... only display, this does not sync or replace content.

To revert back I need to close EN, open Task Manger and close off the EN processes then reopen EN.... everything then works. Bit of a PITA when working with a lot of PDFs.

One solution is to right click the link and select open with --> Google Chrome but if you forget above happens ;) 

I would imagine the expected behaviour when clicking a web link within a PDF - open the link in the web browser.

A separate issue is with dragging images into a note with a PDF..... even though the cursor and drag point is below the embedded PDF the images show randomly above & below the PDF.

Anyone else see these issues?

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