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Problem with scandics when writing keyword

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I'm trying to write keyword "olut" (meens beer). While typing 'o' and 'l', Evernote  finds an existing keyword "öljy" (oil).
When continuing with 'u' and 't', Evernote puts the the word "ölut". Ie. leaving two dots with the letter 'o'.

However, when searching with "Olut", it works, but keywords look silly, and does not mean anything.




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Hi.  Don't know why your tags (keywords) are mixed up,  but sometimes editing a tag involves a little extra work.  Try searching for the notes you have tagged with the wrongly spelled word and assign a new temporary tag.  Then search for that tag so you save your list of notes.  Delete the wrongly spelled tag from the system - it should disappear from your notes;  which is why we added the temp tag.  Now create the correctly spelled tag and add that to your notes.  Remove the temporary tag,  and you're done!

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