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Checkbox formatting issue



If I insert checkbox on Android, checkbox and one space is inserted. If I insert checkbox on Windows, checkbox and no spaces are inserted. This difference makes hard to edit one list on multiple devices.

I suggest to:
- don't insert space after checkbox on Android to match Windows style,
- increase distance between checkbox and text (margin) on Android and on the Web to match Windows distance.


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On 2/8/2018 at 2:01 PM, Peter Schaedler said:

Ditto this. The extra space on Android messes with spacing when syncing across devices and creates inconsistent capitalization. I can also confirm that on the Mac desktop version, this issue doesn't exist. Only on the Android version.

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I upvoted this, checbox handling should be better. Also, if checkboxes could be simply reorganized by dragging (like in Google Keep), that would be really good.

P.S. A bug was recently introduced in the Windows client as well. Whenever you copy a note link and paste it against a checkbox, it adds a space at the beginning. Does not happen with normal text though, only note links.

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