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Custom Bullet Points

John G Everett


Provide a graphics format, like the old windows Icon libraries, to enable the use of custom bullet points. Even some bitmap files each with one image that the app could load and store as bullet point images.

Using Webdings and Wingdings is something of a workaround, but even those are limited and it would be good to be able to specify EXACTLY the character-sized image to use as a bullet to prefix any line of text.

Maybe someone has found a method of doing this kind of thing??

My specific want is for religious symbols, but it would seem that other specialties, like chemists, medical professionals, and probably some I can't think of on the spur of the moment, would find it useful.

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59 minutes ago, John G Everett said:

enable the use of custom bullet points.

For extended features I use dedicated editor apps (Word, Excel, ...)
I'm not aware of any apps that support custom bullet points

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