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Stop Sharing All Notes

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I set up a note to be shared with a vendor. Now, he is getting all of my notes. How do I stop sharing ALL notes with him?

This question was asked on this board in 2016. However, no one from Evernote responded and there really is no answer on the question.

Also, I saw that to stop sharing a note, you click on the down arrow next to the word Share. Then you select Stop Sharing. I do not have that option when I click the down arrow. Does that mean THIS particular note is not being shared? And if so, does that mean I have to go through each note, individually, one by one, unshare any that are being shared? Surely there is a way to just stop sharing?


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Did you accidentally share a notebook with the vendor.  Check the share options for the notebooks by right clicking there.

Not sure, but a quick fix might be to create a new notebook and move all the notes there and delete the old notebook.

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6 minutes ago, ValSwish said:

That's a good idea. Thanks.

You are welcome, hope it helps to get it sorted.

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