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Feature Request: Import directory of jpg files



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I've set up an import folder on my Mac.  
Slightly more complicated than the Windows setup; it makes use of folder actions linked to a script.

Alternatively, you can simply drag the image files to your app icon. This was just discussed here

The images below show the setup using a barebones script.  Evernote's scripting layer allows for much flexibility in this and other scripts

 5a70ccdbb71c7_ScreenShot2018-01-30at11_50_49.png.dcee5aab6b4b39481c3163efa088feed.png   5a70c6df3f450_ScreenShot2018-01-30at11_25_43.png.d8a4c3e1143f4f58953a611c5ac50b1b.png  5a70c7f50300c_ScreenShot2018-01-30at11_30_32.png.70fcc5194b2e07a99d7bed9ebad551ad.png

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18 minutes ago, bread2u said:

Feature request: Import multiple jpg files into multiple notes.

I have 550 scans of 3x5 cards that I would like to import into 550 new notes. The files are small enough that importing them all at once will not exceed any size limits. (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005247)


If you have access to a Windows Machine, this is drop dead simple by simply setting up an import folder in Settings. Has been there for years, but is one of the great Windows features they've not put in the Mac client for some reason.

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