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OK, I'm starting to hate EverNote and thinking in changing to another app

Every time I need to create or edit a note it takes from 10 seconds to 1 minute !!! really????

I know this problem is very common and I was hoping we could post a final solution (or all the options)

I found this:

His solution is to block Evernote.exe with the Firewall, I think was working a bit better after that, but continue being really slow and blocking the workaround is really ugly

WHY!? is so slow???? the purpose of taking notes is to be able to do it quickly ! and have really fast access to them too !

I'm trying to find a solution here before unisntalling and migrating everything to OneNote or some other app, this is really dissapoiting :(

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15 hours ago, enriquep said:

I know this problem is very common

Hi.  It's actually not a common problem for most users.  I said recently in response to a similar query that although I have 40,000+ notes and while Evernote has its occasional meltdowns,  creating a new note takes as long as hitting the task bar key,  and -for me- editing on any platform is usually routine. 

Considering that 200M people (think Japan or Mexico) use the app,  at least half of whom are Windows users,  an 'unusable' app would quickly get fixed or go out of business.  Undoubtedly some users who seem to be mainly on Windows 7 - have this issue,  but it's not clear (to me,  anyway*) why.  In some cases - as with the firewall block,  or using SSDs - fixes or workarounds have been found.  In others,  people have found alternative apps.  It's up to individual users how much effort to put into finding a workable solution.

If you have an existing database,  the steps to start with are:

  • raise a support ticket
  • back up your account
  • reinstall Evernote
  • rebuild your database from the server
  • use the firewall blocker
  • check your internet connection speed
  • declutter your hard drive
  • add more memory to your desktop device
  • install an SSD

- there are probably others,  and that's not a strict order of precedence;  and you can stop if/ when you find an acceptable level of performance.  If anyone has any suggestions for other items,  or Support contribute some steps I'll happily accept more ideas...


*included for clarity...

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