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Emails not arriving in Evernote

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When I try to forward emails to Evernote from my personal email account some get through, some don't.

Many arrive without problems, but the 2 particular emails that aren't arriving (but I really want!!) have the following features:

1. Size 100-500KB, no attachments, just text/tables.

2. Size >5MB with attachments.

Evernote support haven't offered any solutions yet.

Just to clarify: the evernote email address is DEFINITELY correct; and I have searched all notebooks (so they aren't hiding anywhere).

Any suggestions?

Many thanks.

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I have the same problem, emails forwarded to my evernote account are not arriving.   The issue seems to have started last week - my default notebook has not updated since 23 January.  I've checked trash, Evernote online etc but the notes are definitely not there.  I've submitted a ticket with Evernote this afternoon.   Does anyone have a solution for this?  

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This also happening to me.  Previously worked fine but now emails not getting through.

I have recently also had an issue with my import folder which somehow got uncoupled with evernote.  Having added that back in again it seems to be ok now.

Please advise any solutions re the email issue

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Ditto.  Same here.  Stopped working after working fine for years.  A warning would have been nice.

stuff email to the account do not show up on any of my devices...

This is very important to how I use Evernote!

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Time has moved on.

Several users (including myself) had problems with never receiving mails send to the EN account. Mails from some accounts went through, others not.

It seems there was some filtering / blacklisting going on. In my case I needed support to get it unblocked again.

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