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REQUEST: Please improve macOS audio recording quality



I used to think my iMac had an incredibly crappy built-in microphone, but I'd never used it for anything other than Evernote voice recordings. It sounded so bad (semi-garbled, a complete lack of sensitivity) I thought the microphone had debris in it, obscuring the recording. It wasn't until I downloaded another recording app and did a test that I realized it's simply Evernote setting a bit rate so low (16kbps? 8 kbps?) that the audio sounds like it's being recorded on a faulty microphone. Why exactly am I paying for a a Plus membership again? :huh:

PLEASE increase the bit rate of audio recordings so they are actually useful!

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On 1/10/2019 at 7:25 PM, Jens Schriver said:

It's really silly how awful the quality is. I'm writing a summary based on an audio recording of a meeting I had, and it sounds like the mic was in the bottom of a toilet while people were talking. Fix it, please!

What's so baffling to me is that, unless I'm mistaken, the issue would be fixed by simply changing the audio recording quality - which should be a variable in the code that already exists. It's not like the request is for OGG recording or something odd. Unless somehow the Evernote devs hard-coded the quality settings years ago...but that would be bizarre.

If you want to see this changed, please join me in lobbying Evernote support on Twitter and via their support form. I don't think they look at the forums for feature requests/pain points.

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