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"Clip failed" error on Android for "Clip Full Article"

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On 3/23/2018 at 6:30 PM, Ronni MD said:

I'm on 7.17.1 Evernote version on my Galaxy Note 8.  Clipping of full web pages still doesn't work. 

Does it not work for any Web page? I find that it works OK on simpler pages, though more complex ones certainly still have problems.

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is there much point in contributing to this thread?  Clearly EN is aware this is a big issue, but I'm not sure any amount of comments on forums will expedite the arrival of error-free software updates.  I've been frustrated for quite some time now, I've even somewhat started to think about exit/exportation strategies, (there's an app called "Turtle" that seems pretty good, and Google Keep has several appealing aspects.  Obviously Evernote is super robust, that's pretty much keeping me from bailing ship.  And apps like Filterize and Nixnote 2 also make staying in the EN ecosystem more bearable.  But the syncing on Android thing is very irksome ?


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