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(Archived) underline and annotate ocrd text

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I am using Evernote for academic research and often copy text into Evernote from such sources as Google Book Preview. Is there a way to underline (or highlight) and annotate the text that I capture in Evernote? thanks a lot in advance!

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If you're adding images (e.g. JPEG files) into your notes, then the process we use to permit searching for text within images isn't quite the same as OCR:

http://www.evernote.com/pub/ensupport/f ... 085a02&b=0

This means that there isn't really "text" sitting in your note, but rather just an image file with a complex set of search data attached to it behind the scenes.

You could right-click on the image to Open it in your preferred image editor, and then do image manipulation on it there. When you Save the file from that image editor, the note should automatically adopt the changed image.

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Thanks, Dave. I'll try this. Have you thought about adding some feature that would allow basic marking up of image files in Evernote? I imagine that a lot of people would find this useful.

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The notes within Evernote are basically HTML, which means that the portable representation (which must work across all of our clients, mobile phones, and the web) isn't ideally suited to a lot of meta-markup on elements within the document, but image-based manipulation is definitely a common use case. Thanks.

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