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Note Conflict

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I had a note and all of a sudden it showed up "note conflict" and the name of the note.

However, content was missing and the content is very important to me.

I checked deleted or trash and nothing was there to restore.

What can I do to recover entire content

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Hi.  Always good to know which OS and Evernote version you were using (Web / desktop / mobile...)

In general,  note conflicts mean that Evernote has two versions of a note - or maybe a bad or noisy connection made it think there were two versions out there - and it didn't know which was the latest one.  So it (usually) either saves both,  one in a Conflicting Edits notebook and the other in the original location,  or it will append one version after another.  Check for the extra notebook,  and scan down this note for more text at the bottom.

I'd also suggest you check Evernote.com to confirm whether the server copy of your notes shows the correct information.

If you don't find any of the original text,  your last best hope is to upgrade to Premium (even if only for 1 month) and use the Note History feature,  which will recover anything which has been stored on the server for more than a few hours...

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3 hours ago, tonyfano said:

I had a note and all of a sudden it showed up "note conflict" and the name of the note.

I get this occasionally.

A "Conflict" notebook is created, with a version of the note

The other version of the note remains  in the original notebook

I compare the notes and reconcile any differences

I then delete the Conflict notebook and note

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