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Hi.  Suggested before,  with variations - but Evernote have so far resisted offering more features in the text editor software.  Lots of us use dedicated to do software with links back to details stored in Evernote because third party apps have lots of useful checkbox and list features that Evernote doesn't.

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11 hours ago, Notesmaker said:

Hi gazumped! 

Thanks for your help! So you mean i can let a different softwares run parallel to Evernote so that i can check my boxes IN evernote but WITH the other software? 

Hi - no.  I run TickTick and Workflowy for lists and todos.  I can embed a link to an Evernote note in both apps so that when I get a reminder,  or check a list,  I can jump to the Evernote note for more background,  or to update notes.  I don't have any way to control checkboxes in Evernote.

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