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Need Specific URL for Bug Reports ..

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I'll play dumb here. Recently spent a lot of back and forth email stuff with support on what seemed to be bugs in recent v6.8.7 Public (306387).. They were patient, but couldn't reproduce some of the issues. I suggested it would be easier to use a "Bug Report Forum" for EN .. Support emailed with URL which (as I see by breadcrumbs) seems to be URL specific ..

Home > Evernote > Products > Evernote Windows > Windows Desktop > Product Feedback > Evernote for Windows 6.8 GA

For v6.8.xxx Release (is URL specific)

I've played around with various links. How would I easily find the Bug report forum for future releases ?
I don't want to have to email support every time I want to use it.

Never mind, as usual, found my own answer here. Use the "Product Feedback" URL and follow the current Release Link

Releases will be listed there

And , BTW. If you don't already know this, I would be extremely cautious about using the beta versions, Make sure "Enable Beta Features and Updates" is off in > Options. I was advised to update to the beta to fix a few of the issues I was reporting, and found my encrypted notes entirely corrupted. I could handle the other issues. From now on, I'm going to wait for a full public release, and even then I have grown somewhat fearful of EN updates. Gonna take a few drinks before updates :(

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21 minutes ago, RgaDawg said:


There's a feedback forum for each of the platforms (IOS/Mac/Android/Windows)5a67d33a5d8c3_ScreenShot2018-01-23at16_27_34.png.e3c251714901d95f08f59efca02cfb85.png
and as you pointed, out each release has a discussion where we can post bug reports

For non-release issues, I use the support web site; chat and submit a ticket (Contact Evernote Support)
There's also  Twitter @evernotehelps   




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