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(Archived) Sync Failure



I'm getting a sync error with EN...

A check of the console log shows this:

7/8/10 5:45:53 PM Evernote[9400]

NSExceptionHandler has recorded the following exception:

EDAMUserException -- unknown

Stack trace: 0x43a19a 0x93741e3b 0x56352 0x1710c9 0x16fce9 0x16797e 0x17a5ea 0x9796adfd 0x9796a9a4 0x931bf155 0x931bf012

Any thoughts on what this might be, and more importantly, how I can get it syncing again? A few posts I've read have said to move my database and let EN redownload everything. With 5300 notes, I just don't see that as an option.

I have eight notes that are not syncing - all 500k or less - they're just webpage clippings.

Many thanks for your time,


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Thanks for your reply.

I misspoke in the original post. Since I wrote that, I realized I wasn't looking at all of my notes and saw that I missed two additional from a different notebook. Those two extra notes had Word documents as attachments. As a little experiment, I deleted the Word doc attachments from the notes (but did not delete the note) and EN would sync with no errors. For what it's worth, both notes had no text in the body - only the attachments.

I don't understand what was happening, as I have all kinds of Word docs in various notes.

If you would like, I could re-attempt it and if it fails, open a ticket and send you a portion of the activity log.

Thanks again though for your response.


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I don't think that the synchronization should have failed due to Word documents in your notes unless the documents were more than 50MB. Even then, you should have received a more intelligent error message instead of just a failure.

If you do see further problems, I'd definitely contact support, since there may be something wrong in your local database file.

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