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Malare found in installation.

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I was monitoring my gpu while using the desktop app in windows 10 and low an behold I found a cryptocurrency miner running under your name! I reread your eula and nothing in it stated this. Not cool. So either you installed this without my permission or someone hacked this into your code. I have traced this to your base installation and not any addons as it runs on three different test systems isolated to clean installs.

I highly recommend you remove this immediately.

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  • Evernote Staff

Hi, @StormySkyes I work on application security at Evernote and am investigating this. Can you provide some the following information regarding what you found out as we were not able to identify anything malicious in our binary?

  • The version of the Evernote Windows client you are running and where you installed it from.
  • Other than Windows 10 GPU monitor, are you using other tools to test the GPU usage?
  • How do you determine that it is Evernote Window client that was running a cryptocurrency miner? And, do you have a specific Windows binary name from Evernote? Which cryptocurrency minor did you identify?

Thanks again for reporting this to us. 

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