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Cornell layout in new note



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21 hours ago, Johnyn_83 said:

I am currently studying a new technology and I would like to take notes with Cornell layout. (http://coe.jmu.edu/learningtoolbox/cornellnotes.html)  I think that including this style into Evernote notes could be very usefull to everyone.

I guess that could be implemented

5a6613d64b22b_ScreenShot2018-01-22at08_36_16.png.5147473fa3e23fe1b8180d5bc9381b94.pngI use a new-note script on my Mac to duplicate a template
The templates are a collection of notes identified by tag

The Cornell layout is more paper page based, but it could be implemented using a two column table.
- Space at the top, or use the Title
- Two columns in the middle; self expanding or add rows
    Left side for key points
    Right side for notes
- space at the bottom for summary

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You'd probably want to use a template note. A web search on "evernote cornell" turned up a number of hits:


Note templates for school – Evernote Help & Learning

  1. Click Preview and Save to open the note template, then click Save to Evernote to add the template to your own Evernote account. You can copy, rename, and edit the note in your account. Brainstorming template. Brainstorming template. Preview and Save · Checklist template. Checklist template. Preview and Save · Cornell ...

Take Evernote Back to School With These Student Templates

  1. Aug 2, 2017 - Cornell notes allow you to break down course material each day in small, bite-sized chunks. At the top of each Cornell note is a space to write the day's essential question: what is it that each day's lecture was meant to answer? Having that question answered at the top of each page helps you understand ...

Cornell notetaking template - Evernote General Discussions ...

https://discussion.evernote.com › General Discussions › Evernote General Discussions
  1. Apr 13, 2015 - 2 posts - ‎1 author
Anyone got a template that adheres to the second page: http://www.evernote.com/l/AfoQPFwx7J1I6Il32u7PgYZhmV-ss8YGtxE/ I want to use that style at school. Th...

Evernote Blog - Cornell Notes

  1. Take Evernote Back to School With These Student Templates · Take Evernote Back to School With These Student Templates. Plan ahead for college. Manage school and life with Evernote, now 50% off for eligible college students. Read more · Read more · Facebook · Twitter · Comment 2 ...

etc., etc.

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