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(Archived) Ok to have multiple computers using same acct simultaneously

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I think it's ok, but thought I'd check. EN is an integral part of my computer life. Since the desktop version is much more robust than the web version, I have EN desktop installed on all my computers. It's not unusual for me to have them going simultaneously so I can retrieve, create or edit EN notes on any of the computers. SO...I wanted to confirm...is it ok to have the EN desktop client running on multiple computers (say, three?) and accessing the same EN account? Shouldn't muck anything up? They are all the version (latest 3.5 beta.)

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Yes, this should work fine, especially if there's only a single human using that account.

If multiple bodies are trying to make changes to the same account from different computers, you're more likely to create a conflict when two people try to submit changes to the same note at the same time. This triggers our client-side conflict resolution mechanism, where the first person to submit a change to a note "wins" and the second one resolves the conflict by moving the local version into a "local" notebook, and then adopts the server's version as the main one.

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Just to add a little more certainty to Dave's "this should work". I always have Evernote running on two or more computers at the same time without trouble. Currently I have the 3.1 (Windows) client running on my work laptop, 3.5 on my work desktop and Windows 3.5 running in a VirtualBox session under Linux. I often have 3.1 running under Wine and it is very common to have one or browsers on the various computers connected to the web site. One time I did manage to edit the same note on a second computer before the first sync'd. I don't remember the exact behaviour but I didn't lose any data.

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Also we have had the same account being used concurrently by three users. Yes we do occasionally get conflicts but up your sync frequency in the settings and this should be reduced. Conflict resolution has worked well for us when we do get them though.



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