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HTML characters in copied text



I am using Evernote Mac version 6.13.3. I have a line which is bolded in a note that I frequently copy and paste, which looks like this:

<a class="button-wide" href=linkurl">link text</a>   (with actual URL and text)
If I triple-click on the line to copy it, it pastes just fine.
However, if I highlight the text by dragging the mouse over it instead (from the first character to the last), it pastes like this:
&lt;a class="button-wide" href=linkurl"&gt;link text&lt;/a&gt;
This occurs even if I paste it right back into Evernote.
If I remove the bolding from the line, this does not happen.
Bug? Feature? fix?
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Hi.  Looks like if you copy one way you're getting all the text+formatting;  if you use the other method you're getting a little too much or too little of the formatting so the orphaned items show up as text.  If you add spaces to both ends of your text you may get enough room to drag the cursor across without hitting the 'hidden' extra formatting code.

It's always best to  put bug reports into the release thread of the version you're using - devs are more likely to see it there amongst all the other posts here...

...you might want to post a link there,  back to this thread!  :)



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