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(Archived) How-to Geek article on using Evernote for Chrome

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Thanks for posting this. I started using Chrome for the third time yesterday. I keep reverting back to Firefox. No reason in particular, other than maybe habit & laziness, since I have a few plugins that I use often & want to get working in Chrome, assuming they all will work in Chrome. :) The EN extension looks really nifty & may make it more compelling for me to stick with Chrome.

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In general, I use Chrome nowadays, and only use Firefox rarely -- it seems to bog down the machines I use it on, particularly my somewhat inderpowered home machine. The holy grail for me would be if I could get perfect bookmark syncing across Chrome and Firefox, but XMarks seems to want to replicate links (trees and all) sometimes, which is annoying to clean up. The Chrome Evernote extension is sweet, for sure. So, Chrome for now, but if Firefox 4 is better, then I'll switch back -- I can be fickle like that.


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The Chrome Evernote extension is sweet, for sure.

I'm duly impressed - it is awesome! Kind of like a baby Evernote app in your browser! Now, if only I could find an emusic.com free daily download plugin for Chrome, I could bag Firefox entirely. (I like the Free Download icon in the tool bar b/c it reminds me to grab it.)

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