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List of notebooks joined, by user in EB account

GNI Mandy


In 2014 I asked for the ability to generate a list of notebooks each user has joined in an Evernote Business account.  Has this come to fruition yet? 

My original request stemmed from staff changes, and setting up the "new person" with the same notebooks their predecessor had.  Now, I'm shuffling corporate employees' access with multiple Evernote Business accounts.  This would really be helpful.  Perhaps an add on to the admin console?  Has anyone found a way around this?  

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While I was wandering around today, I discovered that Dropbox Business provides a reporting option which I have been asking for from Evernote Business for a while.  The ability to create reports from Evernote Business - even just generate lists - would be awesome.  Here's what Dropbox Business can do for it's admins:

Dropbox Business Admin - Export member data report 


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