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Truncated file names when viewed as attachment



File names are arbitrarily truncated when viewed as an attachment. When a note has multiple files attached user won't know which is which unless it is clear from the first 8 characters. Suggest allowing full names to be visible if the width of the note allows it.

evernote truncated file names within note.png

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Hi.  The answer would be either to use one file per note,  where (in windows at least) the filename becomes the title - with far more available characters - and,  if you wish,  you could create a table of contents listing to show all the files in one place;  or you could simply copy and paste the full file name into a note,  then attach the file below it;  or you could store the file(s) in a cloud drive and create a note with links to all.


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I agree that the truncated attachment names are quite limiting. While mousing over the attachment shows the full file name, for ease of browsing attachments it would be SO much easier if it would show the full file name, or at least a more generous number of characters in the preview.

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