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Copy & Paste Produces Undeletable Formatting


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I often use Evernote  to keep track of things I read on websites. Often though, copying and pasting from a site creates formatting issues that won't go away by selecting Simplify Formatting from the Format menu. For example, I pasted the Contents from a YouTube page (first image) into my document and found that every thing was double or triple spaced. There are no detectable line returns to remove and when I choose Simplify Formatting (second image), the text simply gets larger. If I try to then reduce the font size, I end up back where I started with the big gaps. I don't want to convert to plain text because that will happen across the entire document and I lose all the formatting I've done and links I've inserted elsewhere as well as the links that came with this paste.

This and similar formatting issues happen all the time for me in Evernote. Am I missing something?


Mac OS 10.11.6, Evernote Version 6.13.3 (455969 Direct)




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Well, in the specific example I gave—the contents list with links from a YouTube page—Cmd+Shift+V pastes the content without any formatting: no links and no line returns. I'm not complaining here, if Evernote can't do it, it can't do it. I was just trying to figure out if it was something I was simply not getting.


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OK, here's another very specific example. A new Evernote document typically has a small space—approximately a line return—between the title of the document and the first line of the body of the document—see first image. Sometimes though, as in the second image, a larger space appears. There is no line return above my first line of text. In this case, if I select from the top of the body of the text and down several lines and choose Simplify Formatting, the text jumps from 14pt to 28pt. Reducing it back down to 14pt does not eliminate the problem.

It looks to me like Evernote is retaining the 28pt line spacing from whatever website I copied the information from even after I've scaled down the text. Is there a way to address this?


image 1.png

image 2.png

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