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Organization Tables - web version - Problem

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Hi. I don't know if this is the right place to post this. If it is not, please tell me where the right place would be.


I have created a table in the web versión and I can't find a way move downwards in the document (basically, pressing return and moving downwards and getting out of the table).  I'm completely stuck. I usually use the Windows desktop versión which is not allowed at work. I am completely stuck and what I want is extremely basic and I am still unable to figure it out. Basically i need some way to be able to move downwards in the document.





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Hi.  You were in Hobbies and Interests - I moved you to Evernote Web since that's what's causing your issue. 

If you can't get 'past' the table to type below it,  you may have to start a new note.  Make sure you hit return a few times to create blank lines in the note,  then park the cursor above those blank lines (but one or two lines below the top) and create your table.  You should then be able to click inside the table and both above and below it.  You're right that the desktop version has much better features than the web version - which has to download all its code from the website and run it in a small space allocation on your machine.

Do try all obvious ways to get below the table - you may find that the tab key will jump you out onto a new line forinstance;  but any active keys will depend on your OS and browser.  If you do find something useful,  please let us know!

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