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3 Bugs: Font sizes, blank lines, and search(!)

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Hi.  Thanks for the report,  but Evernote don't usually comment or respond to individual bug reports and queries here - if you want a direct response,  go to https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action if you're a paying customer,  Twitter - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps if not. 

Don't know whether either of these bugs still apply - Evernote may or may not have seen your posts to include a fix in the next release;  again a direct contact is the way to make sure they're aware.  I seem to be up to a prerelease version 6.9.3

The font size and blank line issue seems to be Evernote honoring the default text size you set for notes - unless 24pt was the standard,  it looks like deleting the preceding line zapped any layout information that might have been added for that note,  and defaulted to the standard font.  Don't know why that took out two lines.

As regards the search issue - have you tried clicking the found word?  Again it looks like Evernote is defaulting back to the top of the note because you didn't make any other choices.  The 'find in page' feature will just jump from one hit to the next.  If you 'x' out the search,  it jumps to the top of the note...

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I haven't heard or read anything about them fixing either of these bugs. I sure hope they get fixed. Text searching, font size, and the delete key really ought to just work. These are much more important than the look and feel of the "New Note" button.

I am a fan of keyboard shortcuts, so I normally don't click on the word after finding it. My instinct is to press ESC... but, infuriatingly, ESC always seems to send the cursor to the top of the note. Sometimes the note scrolls up there with the cursor and sometimes it does not. I'm amazed this bug exists.

Does Evernote actually respond to Twitter messages? I'm not much of a Twitter fan or user, but maybe I'll make an account there.

I'm not a paying customer, so I can't send Evernote messages online. I can't email them either. I really ought to be able to write them a note...

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