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Note body not appearing on Chrome OS


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Hello everyone!

So I've just recently decided to use Evernote as my go-to option for note-taking in class, and up until last week, everything was running smoothly, no hiccups at all. Never had such a great experience taking notes and I feel more organized than ever before.

As I got to class today and decided to load up my notes, I encountered a problem. I can see my various notes in their appropriate notebooks, with the last time they were edited and their title, but once I click on one, the body doesn't show up, with a blank page showing up instead. Interestingly enough, I cannot add any text to the document nor do anything as a matter of fact. Notes can be created and the title can be changed but that seems to be all I can do.

I've restarted my computer (Chromebook) several times, making sure it was up to date to no avail. I also looked up on the forums to find solutions and verified I was online and everything checked out. Now, this is where I got completely lost: I opened the iOS app and everything seems to be find on it (notes can be accessed and modified without a problem). I also went to the computer lab to check and the web version of Evernote also works perfectly fine on the desktop, so this means the problem is directly related to the web version working on Chrome OS.

Thank you and have a nice day,


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Using full version app on Windows and having the same problem. If I double click the note to fully open it, everything is there. But it isn't appearing in the panel on the right as is usually the case. Just started yesterday. Version 6.9. 

Never had this problem before. Not sure how an adblocker or extension would impact a standalone full windows app. Win10 creator's edition. 

This goes along with a gripe I posted a long time ago. It seems like everything is always in Beta anymore. You never get a completed piece of software with the bugs worked out by beta testers. They just roll the stuff out and then start working on more changes and trying to fix what they broke last time while introduces new breaks on the next version. 

That's the world of software today and I'm sickened by it. I used to beta test a lot of stuff for fun. But  it was optional as to what I would test and what I didn't. Now it seems like everything I have including Windows itself is just a perpetual beta. 

For the people at Evernote, just realize that this COULD make a differentiator for you. Stop adding features and breaking others (spreadsheets don't paste nearly as well as they used to by the way......) Take a breather and just fix everything you can find that's broken right now. Go through your list of complaints and address them until you have it perfected. Tell everyone asking for new features to wait until the next release. You will earn RESPECT! 

Then take those new requests and work behind the scenes on your next release. Make it next year if you have to but roll it out and test the hell out of it before making it a general release and make it OPTIONAL. 

You will earn MORE RESPECT! 

And with the respect of being a stable platform you will lose fewer customers and gain more. :-)




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Hey. Just an FYI - I just went into the settings and made a few changes and now it's back to working right.

Not sure which it was and I'm not gonna waste my time trying to figure it out for them. But here are the changes I made:


(Note...I have the "show advanced options" box checked)

1.) Under General I unchecked "Enable Beta features and updates"..... I have turned this off several times in the past. Apparently it turns itself back on when each new version releases. BAD JUJU there. Reminds me of another complaint I once made.... When an update rolls out, DO NOT CHANGE THE USER'S SETTINGS! I argued with one of their people about this. Their argument was that they wanted people to know about new features. My point was that if they want to know, they'll read the "Release Notes". If not, they want things as they are. PERIOD..... Anyways, on with what else I did

2.) USE OUTLOOK CONTACTS IN WORK CHAT.... I disabled this. I don't have the work version. I don't use work chat. I don't think it has anything to do with this. But I disabled it. 

3.)  under the NOTE category I unchecked "Automatically format text elements" (I suspect this is the bug)

4.) I checked "allow images displayed as attachments"..... Presumably this allows you to right click an image you pasted and convert it to an attached file instead of an actual image. It was unchecked. I checked it. I don't think this had anything to do with the problem but who knows?

5.) SEARCH.... maximum number of search suggestions was 0. I changed it to 3. Pretty sure this wasn't the problem, but I was poking around and figured I would change that as well and since it is something I changed between it not working right and working right, I thought I would post it.

Anyways, hope this helps. Good luck. If you find any of these in particular solve the problem for you, please post it so others know. Then maybe the people at evernote will know where to start with fixing it. 

By the way. I did want to point out that this whole time, the web version worked correctly in chrome. That is downright bizarre. Reading through this the Chromebook users and possibly chrome web version users were having problems, possibly because of an ad blocker but I had the exact same "symptoms" on a Win10 Pro machine and the full application. BIZARRE! 


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I don't use the beta version, I cleaned all cookies, restarted both Chrome and the PC itself, but I cannot see the content of my notes, either. They're visible in the index on the side, but once I pick a note to read and/or edit, there's just the title and nothing else.

I'm on Windows 7.


The ad-blocker removal worked for me, but did I really have to come here to find that out?

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