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Issue with the notes



I don't have a premium account. I don't know where to report this issue. This is critical.

Only the title of the note appear on the page. The actual content is not shown. Although on the sidebar, the actual content are there but truncated.

Please see attachment file.






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First - Don't Panic! 

I've had this happen several times before. I would suggest:

1. Open EN on another device and see if the note it there. I will go from my iPad to my MacBook or to my iPhone and find the information is still in the note. 9Solves the problem for me 90% of the time)

2. If you are using EN web, open a new browser or restart your existing session and login again and check. (Restarts have worked for me everytime that option one has not.)

3. Duplicate the note or send it through Work Chat, sometimes opening the link works (shot-in-the-dark approach)


Good Luck.

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