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Webclipper screenshots are not sharp! (instead: really diffuse)

Nadine Sunshine


Hey guys !

I was wondering why I couldn't find lots of other discussions for this topic. 

Am I doing something wrong or does anybody else doesn't get sharp screenshots with the Webclipper? 

It annoys me a lot so if anyone has a solution for me, I really would appreciate it a lot !

Thank you in advance :)

I attach one example



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Depending on the version of Windows, but go to display settings.  Pick the highest resolution supported by your monitor and have scale set at 100.  You should also check accessibility settings to see if any of those are set for visually impaired.  This should help with clearer images. 

Also, typically Ctrl with + or - will increase/decrease the zoom within Chrome.

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Blurry pics has been happening for a while I think...



Why were my images blurry?
You know what the problem was? Apparently my font size in Windows Control Panel under Display settings was at “Medium 125%” and the browsers suddenly started respecting the Operating System font size and it was enlarging whole pages, images included which made them blurry and pixelated. You can go change that back to 100% easily.

So now I’m thinking that is probably happening to a lot of people and they really don’t notice. So just go check your Control Panel Display settings and make sure it says 100% then go view some webpages after. They may seem smaller at first but they will be so much more clear and laid out how the designer wanted you to see them.



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13 hours ago, Nadine Sunshine said:

thank you ! I am using Windows 10 and did all the things you told me but still - the screenshot is blurred as in the picture at the start of my post.


That's so weird :((

You are welcome.  Yeah, don't know what other settings to try unfortunately.  What resolution is set on your monitor?

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I'm using Evernote clipper on edge and all screenshots are fuzzy. My screen is set to 100% And I do not see any image quality settings that I can adjust. Now when I copy and paste with snip and sketch, the quality looks fine.

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