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Need to edit spelling dictionary.

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Thorough explanation of the problem: I use a lot of abbreviations that I may or may not ever need to use again which spell check often snags as incorrect. Sometimes I add them, sometimes not. Today I was writing a lot of surnames along with details. I got sick of the red squiggles and knowing I would definitely use those surnames again, I began adding them like crazy. Unfortunately for me, I'm faster at doing that than my brain can work because I added misspelled words (not names, not that it matters). I find it discouraging that it is so hard to correct spell check dictionaries. I'm not calling out Evernote because I blame Windows for making it difficult. 

I tried reading this: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/17609-how-to-edit-evernote-dictionary/ and this https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/25994-add-remove-words-spell-checking-dictionary-windows-10-a.html#option2 because I thought that perhaps since the first one didn't work, maybe it was a Windows thing. It didn't matter, neither of them work, for one, the default.dic file was empty so that was no help. I tried deleting it and it was unchanged. I am at a loss on how to handle this. 

Quick problem (for those TLDR folks): How do I edit words that I have accidentally added to spell check, as okay? It is not in C:\Users\magnoliasouth\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Dict\user.dic or any folder past 

Oh and no, my PC doesn't name me as magnoliasouth. :lol:

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I'm on Windows 7. I find the dictionary at C:\Users\{username}\Evernote\Dict\user.dic, rather than in AppData. It's a straight-up text file, so it's easy to edit.

That first thread was fairly old, and the second one seemed to be about MS Office. FWIW, in Evernote, Tools > Options > General, at the bottom of the dialog either Open Database Folder or Open Log Folder will get you to the vicinity.

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Dave, I followed your recommendation. This is the database folder accessed through General Options:


There are folders 'AutoUpdate', 'Crashes', 'Databases', 'Logs', but not 'Dict' (see attached).

I tried adding the folder myself, with a user.dic text file, but it is not being used by Evernote.

An added problem that I have is that none of my dictionary words save from session to session, and I've no idea why.


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In the latest V6.15 release the dictionary file has been moved and renamed. Oh, joy. Also, it is "protected" by a checksum making it harder to edit. More joy.



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