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Windows App Not Updating New Monthly Usage and Support Links Not Working on Support Page

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I noticed a couple days ago that when my monthly allowance restarted that it did on the web version as well as on the phone app. The windows version did not. I've updated the program to see if that may have been the issue and same thing. I attempted over the last couple days to contact support, but the links on the support page are not working. I am an annual paid premium user. 

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Hi.  Getting a response from Support can be a long process if they're busy,  and we just had an extended holiday period,  so they probably are.  Have you tried signing out of Evernote and back in / restarting your computer to force a major sync so it can catch up?  Are you in any danger of running out of upload headroom in your allowance while you wait for a reset?  Subscribers get a lot more than Basic users...

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