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Evernote saves clipped webpage with links to pictures instead of pictures


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I sent a Cook's Illustrated "how to sharpen knives" webpage to Evernote using the chrome webclipper > Simplified Page. (I was on my win10 desktop).

When the page was "simplified", it displayed the images. All was good so I pressed Save.




When I opened the page in Evernote (Desktop), there were no images (just links).  (Android displays the images though).


I repeated a few times and always got the same result. Normally images work fine, but I have seen instances like this before, where the images just display as links instead. Anyone know why that is?  (I don't have anything like "show as attachment" enabled).  

BTW, I got the same result when I selected "full article" instead of "simplified".  No images on win10 desktop, images fine in Android.

If anyone wants to give it a try, here's the webpage:  https://www.cooksillustrated.com/articles/218-how-to-sharpen-kitchen-knives#



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