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Tagging in build

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Hello All,

I am a brand new EN user, literally just downloaded it a few days ago and I am working my way through it. My question is this: my tag list looked like exactly what I wanted after I created it, but after I started to apply the tags it seemed the list exploded and some of the tags are now missing. I tried to recreate the missing ones and got a message saying the tag was already in use.

I probably did something wrong, but any advice would be much appreciated.


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Click on the "Tags" item in the left panel; that should open up the Tags View (or conversely, ose the menu View / Tags View or Ctrl+Shift+T shortcut key). See whether your tags appear there.

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Maybe I did not explain the issue well enough. For instance, I created an Actions tag list and in that list a sub, 01-When.  In the 01-when list I created another sub list, 1-focus, 1-next, 1-someday/maybe.  During my testing, I assigned the 1-focus and 1-next to a few items. When I did that, the tags disappeared from the original created list and appeared  under the main “Tags” heading. Is this normal behavior for EN?

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31 minutes ago, CLMCD said:

Is this normal behavior for EN?

Not that I've ever seen. How are you assigning tags to notes? Via drag/drop? By adding in the note header in the editing panel?

You did say: " I tried to recreate the missing ones and got a message saying the tag was already in use", so I assumed that tags had gone missing.

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Not sure, but try syncing right after you add a new tag.  This should ensure the hierarchy of the tag before you assign it to a note.

As a test, move any tags that moved back to their preferred place in your hierarchy, then sync.  Than assign some tags and see if the hierarchy stays.

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