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User Diction Preserved between Updates?



Why is it everytime I install a new update for Evernote I have to reteach the user dictionary again? Isn't it possible to preserve it over updates, or even store it in the cloud so it could be shared between different computers running Evernote? I just update to (306423) Prerelease (CE Build ce-1.36.3494) and updating a note I had previously and clicking red underlined word after word to teach it to the dictionary (mainly people and product names). I looked for a user dictionary and only found a "user.dict" which was last updated several year ago in a user Evernote folder, so I'm assuming that's no longer used.

I would like to have Evernote migrate user dictionary words forward between revisions.

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Guest alfredohb

Since 6.8 update on Windows (7), new words aren't added to user.dic. Evernote must preserve or migrate the user dictionary when updating the app.

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