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Support Windows 10 wordflow keyboard



Evernote does not currently support the new "shape writing" on the narrow keyboard in windows 10. 

It is possible to type one letter at a time but it is not possible to "draw" words, swiftkey/swype style. This works in edge, onenote, etc but does not work in evernote. 

This is the best way to type when using a windows 10 device as a tablet and supporting this would go some way towards creating a usable tablet experience for evernote. 

More information on the shape writing keyboard: 




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Thanks for the info - I'm sure it will come,  but probably not very soon - lots of priorities and (I guess) not that many using 'shape writing' keyboards yet.  I do have Swype on my android tablet and can use that input to create notes,  but the Win 10 desktop is old-fashioned key hitting.

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I have stumbled on this issue too.

Swype, a pioneer in the swipe-to-type keyboard space, was born in 2009, 9 years ago.  And the idea has become so prevalent that it has been integrated into the builtin keyboards making the addon keyboard irrelevant.  I can't give you statistics on how many people swipe-to-type rather click buttons, but likewise, I question the claim that not many are using it.  



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4 minutes ago, Tom McCollough said:

I question the claim that not many are using it.  

If that was me,  it wasn't a claim,  it was a guess - and the point was (if I read the OP correctly) using a Windows on-screen keyboard for "Swype-writing".  The Fall update was slightly more recent than 2009,  and AFAIK prior keyboards just didn't support it.  My Windows 10  doesn't, anyway.

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