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Please make it optional to have new data entry all the way at bottom of the note content!!



Hi, I have opened a ticket and learned that this is a new update- and a setting as default. Could you please.... reconsider this?

Question:  Where can I find the setting / if there is any/ to make sure when I added to the content of an existing note in Evernote desktop version (window) it will be on top of the note content, not at bottom of the note content? 

First I thought it was a glitch, or some setting I accidentally changed. I have opened a ticket and uninstall/ reinstall few times - then I learned that this is a new setting by defualt!  This is so unfortunate- at least please have a check box so people can choose for themselves?  - for me- My note are so long. Every time I need to edit a note, I usually want to see the most recent entry on top- Now I have to waste some time to scroll all the way down- since everything I newly type will be pushed all the way down to bottom...  I understand some people may want to read their note chronically but please have a checkbox so people can choose for themselves. 

I also understand as an option, I can wait few seconds to load / wake up the note and then able to type at top. This makes the edit so inefficient. No kidding!!! Please please please listen to your customer. I have been using Evernote for years and this is by far most unreasonable update I have seen !  Please consider this. Thank you so much

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