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How do I move a few PDFs in a Note around?

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The new display mode is nice, but when I add two pdfs to a page, how do I move then around - as in move one above the other?  I do not see able to select the pdf to move or copy it.  

Also, I find it hard to get my cursor to before the first PDF so I can add some text above the PDF.... any thoughts?



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I usually use the Home button on my keyboard to get before the PDF, or other attachment, and hit enter a few times to make some space.

In general I move inline attachments around by highlighting them and then cut and paste:

1. Put cursor before/above attachment

2. holding shift, press cursor down once or twice: you'll see a thin blue border around the attachment once it is selected

3. CTRL X to cut (I'm a keyboard user more than menu's or mouse)

4. Position cursor where you want the attachment to be place

5. CTRL V to paste

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