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paste figures from matlab directly into evernote




I regularly use evernote to record notes on my research and it would be helpful if I could directly copy a figure from matlab and paste into an evernote note. Currently, I can "copy figure" from a matlab figure window, paste into powerpoint, copy this and then paste into evernote. I would like to eliminate this intermediate step (when I try to directly paste into evernote nothing happens!)



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I agree with the original post. 

It would be great to be able to copy a matlab (or also python) figure directly to Evernote. 

There is a matlab script (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/40270-fig2evernote?focused=3777176&tab=function) which allows sending matlab figures to the Evernote email address but that isn't ideal.

I usually save the matlab figure as an image and then include it into Evernote.



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Also have this problem (it's been there as long as I can remember):

1) Generate any figure in Matlab

2) Copy figure via gui, or 'print -dmeta'

3) Paste into evernote: nothing happens

Paste into word, powerpoint, mspaint etc. works. Probably something to do with windows enhanced metafile format (emf) - the image remains as some sort of vector graphic (can be seen if posted into inkscape for example),  and -dmeta is the flag for printing emf more generally.

Definitely niche, although I guess it's not just a Matlab specific problem.

Recent Matlab versions actually enable specifying the clipboard output format:

Equivalent to what I wrote above, and matlab does by default if you use the gui to copy a figure (I guess):


However you can now do this:

print('-clipboard','-dbitmap'); %this is the workaround (just to highlight)

Which is actually directly pastable into EN.

For some reason -dpdf behaves like -dmeta (doesn't work)... but won't worry about that.

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15 hours ago, Bhav said:

Currently, I can "copy figure" from a matlab figure window, paste into powerpoint, copy this and then paste into evernote.

It would have been clearer if you posted an example of the "figure"
It might explain why you need the powerpoint step

My thinking is that I wouldn't use the Evernote editor/format to record your research notes.
Use whatever editor/format works best, and add the document as an attachment to a note
Evernote works well with office/iwork documents

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Hi.  How many of Evernote's 200M users would you imagine have this issue?  Seems to me that it's pretty specialist and unlikely to improve  most of our lives - not likely to be something that Evernote looks at soon....

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