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Cannot change email address & forgot pw - can't receive password change URL

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Hi, I no longer have the email address I registered with 6 years ago. But i t still  shows up and I read that I can change it,  but it does  no take.

Also I forgot my password for the mcala account, but Evernote keeps sending to dead email address (mcala@si.rr.com).

There is one Evernote  icon that allows me in,  courtesy of a password minder,  but when I try to use that password, I get  PASSWORD RESET REQUIRED,, WHICH BRINGS ME TO THE PROBLEMS NOTED  ABOVE -- i.e., the reset email gets sent to a dead email account.

My old address was mcala@si.rr.com.  The password attached to it no longer works when I type it in, so I don't know how the icon lets me in. 

My preferred address is mick655@yahoo.com, which I would  like to relace mcala with.    That  would allow me to access password reset URL sent to it. 


BIG PROBLEM:  I made the mistake  of installing a second version, with the  same mick655@yahoo.com registration.  It is new and therefore empty with the mick655@yahoo.com address attached. I  would like to delete it and use my  original Evernote which  contains hundreds of notes, with an email change as described above. I am willing to upgrade if we can sort this out.

Michael Cala





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Maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't post my email address in a public forum like this, unless I were very lonely and wanted to be kept company by a lot of spam. You can edit your post to delete the emails; look for the Edit link at the bottom of your post.

For support, start here: 

and here: 


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